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Cambridge is my playground & beyond my inspiration!

Welcome to my travel blog, ‘the Globetrotter Foodie’, an exciting travel and food website. It’s all about exploring the world through the eyes of a foodie, including my favourite recipes. 


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More about me

Creating exciting food tours in Cambridge hasn’t just come overnight. I was bitten by the travel bug at the age of 13, and it has taken me to many incredible destinations since. From Europe to the Far East, Canada to the Middle East and North East Coast of America to Southern Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

I was fortunate to live in Cape Town for over 2.5 years – a place which will feel like home for the rest of my life. As they say in South Africa, ‘once a Capie, always a Capie, ’ and this is certainly true for me!

All these travel experiences have contributed to my award-winning food tours in Cambridge. A city named many years ago as ‘the clone city of the UK’, but this quintessential English town is now peppered with international cuisine.

My travel is always fuelled by food, local markets, and my love of mingling with locals.

I’m looking forward to sharing my exciting adventures with you in the hope that I can inspire you to retrace my footsteps. Unfortunately, I cannot share any travels from before 2012 as I didn’t record them with modern-day tools, but as I revisit them, I will feed in my previous experiences.

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Travel buddy

Photographer and fellow diner

JoJo and Max

Fitness instructors
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With so many food temptations in life…

What would I do without somebody to dine with, carry my bags or take the best shots during my travels? And travel companions to keep me fit and burn off all the calories consumed in delicious food!

Escaping from the ‘law’, he isn’t just a brilliant travel buddy, fabulous chef and great husband, but an excellent photographer too. His photos are often featured here on my blog and my social media.

I’m looking forward to sharing the best things in life with you – food – travel – exploring the world!

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In the Media

I am proud to be one of the authors at Eastlife magazine, for whom I write a monthly column sharing the latest food trends and local news about the food scene.

Eastlife is a stylish B5 glossy title dedicated to bringing you the latest news, trends and events from across East Anglia. No county is left unturned as the magazine travels throughout Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to bring its readers a monthly round-up of enjoyable and innovative content.

The title features everything from lifestyle, food and drink, home and garden, property, health and theatre to the arts and, most importantly, spotlights the latest events and offers first-class advertising opportunities, all within a sleek and contemporary design.

I have recently contributed to more local magazines. You can find these in the highlights of my Instagram. 

Articles by Gerla on Eastlife Magazine

Food and travel expert

Work with me

Over the last 35 years, I have covered a good proportion of our beautiful planet, both travelling and eating my way around each destination whilst also working in food-related businesses, so I decided to put my experiences in writing to share with others. 

With a background in the hospitality industry and in retail, I have worked on many exciting projects. My specialism is in niche markets in retail, hospitality and travel.

In 2012 I set up the Cambridge Food Tour. I was keen to share Cambridge and its food with locals and visitors to Cambridge.

Over the years, I have created close partnerships within the Cambridge food scene, which has enabled us to offer an award-winning product. Thanks to my in-depth knowledge of the Cambridge food scene, I have connected with many local food businesses to form successful collaborations. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how I can benefit your business, both with regards to bringing parties together, or reviewing and promoting, then you can contact me below.

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