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My hand-picked accommodation in Cambridge

Travelling to Cambridge soon and not sure which accommodation in Cambridge to choose? Choosing a place to stay in a new destination can be tricky. I tend to decide on the area, depending on my activities or places to dine, so I don’t have to walk too far. This doesn’t always work out, unfortunately. When we stayed in Melbourne, I thought we were staying at a central location. Indeed, it was in the city centre, but 30 minutes walk from the river where you can find many fantastic restaurants.

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The centre of Cambridge is not very big so you would think you cannot go wrong. Well, that is what you would think! Hotels like to name them ‘city centre’ or central, which gives the impression they are centrally located. It is often not the case! There is nothing wrong with a 30-minute walk to the city centre, but why would you if there are good alternatives in the city centre. For example, the Travelodge at the Leisure centre calls itself Cambridge Central, but it is a 35-minute walk to Kings Parade. I was surprised that quite a few people who joined me on a Cambridge Food Tour mentioned staying in Impington, being under the impression the hotel was in the city centre of Cambridge. 

I decided that it was time to give visitors to Cambridge, a helping hand in finding the best central accommodation in Cambridge.

Accommodation in the historic centre

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The Cambridge Colleges

One of the most stunning places to stay is in the Cambridge Colleges. Outside term time they rent out their rooms. If you like to have a once in a lifetime experience, then I would highly recommend staying here. Please Without a doubt, staying at one of the colleges is one of the most stunning places. Outside term time, they rent out their college rooms. If you like to have a once in a lifetime experience, we highly recommend staying here. Please note that most of them are located in the historic centre of Cambridge, but a few are further afield, such as Madingley Hall and Homerton college.

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Best accommodation in the historic centre

The hotels with the best rooms are Hotel du Vin, Regent Hotel, the University Arms and the Gonville Hotel. They are all within a 5 to 10-minute walk from Kings Parade.

Modern hotels in the historic centre

Both Hilton Hotels offer good accommodation, but they are big and offer a less personal service than the ones I mentioned above. The DoubleTree Hilton on the River Cam provides stunning views over the river. The Hilton Hotel on Downing Street is right in the centre.

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Budget hotels near the city centre

The Premier Inn and the Travelodge are excellent options if you don’t want to spend too much money. Out of the two of them, the Travelodge is the best one. They are both only a 5-minute walk to the Grafton Centre and 10 minutes to Kings Parade.

The Felix Hotel

I like to mention the Felix Hotel separately. This stunning boutique hotel is just off Huntingdon Road. They have a stunning garden, offer an enjoyable dining experience, and the rooms are stunning and well equipped. The walk from here to the Quayside is 30 minutes and to Kings Parade 35 minutes. So not a problem if you like a bit of exercise.

Gerla de Boer Mill Road

Mill Road

If you like to mingle with the locals, then Mill Road is the area you want to stay in. It is quirky and was once voted as the most cosmopolitan road in the UK. There are a few B&Bs in this area, but a good option is to get a room at the Mill Suites on Mill Road. It is perfectly located on Mill Road and only 15 minutes walk to Kings Parade.

Close to Mill Road

If you want to stay close to Mill Road, but want the luxury of a hotel instead of a room at the Mill Suites on Mill Road, then there are a few options.

For the posh ones, book a room at either the Gonville Hotel or the University Arms. Both are within 5 minutes walk from the start of Mill Road on the city side.

The more reasonable option is at the station. The Ibis hotel offers good accommodation, and if you want a little more luxury, then the Tamburlaine is a good hotel. Both hotels are within 5 minutes walk from Mill Road ( the middle part).

There are lovely places to stay in the countryside and stunning Airbnb places if you are looking for alternatives.


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