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My favourite Chinese restaurants

Cambridge has become very popular with Chinese tourists and students. As they like to eat their own cuisine Chinese restaurants in Cambridge are popping out of the ground like mushrooms. Previously these restaurants used to be dotted around Cambridge, but recently the bottom end of Regent Street is turning into ‘our’ China town. The street is now lined with Chinese restaurants, and they are packed with Chinese students and visitors. Here is the list of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Cambridge away from ‘China town’.

Gerla de Boer Zhongua

Zhonghua traditional snacks 0n Norfolk Street

This tiny restaurant in Norfolk Street is one of my favourites. Zhonghua is always packed with locals tucking into their steaming bowls of soup or dumplings. Everything is homemade. You can BYO. No facilities.

Gerla de Boer Noodles plus

Noodles Plus+ on Mill Road

Delicious food from Shanghai served up here at Noodles Plus+ on Mill Road. Just like Zhonghua, it is tiny and always jam-packed here. Try the Shanghai dumpling. This is a pork dumpling filled with meat and stock. No alcohol served here and no facilities.

Gerla de Boer Cafe Oriental

Cafe Oriental & Dumpling Bar on Burleigh Street

When you pick up the menu of Cafe Oriental, you wonder why they serve Chinese food and English fry ups? The answer is quite simple. Many Chinese women are married do English guys. The women don’t want a fry up, and the men don’t want dumplings for breakfast. Delicious homemade dumplings are served here, especially the fried ones.

Gerla de Boer Yim Wah

Yim Wah Express on Regent Street

When you pass by this restaurant on the corner of Regent Street and Lensfield road, you barely can look inside as the windows are most of the time steamed up. Excellent Hong Kong style food is served here. As the name implies, the service at YimWah Express is speedy, so don’t expect to have a relaxed long dinner.


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