Chocolate shops in Cambridge

Gerla de boer chocolate shops

Artisan chocolate shops in Cambridge

Are you a chocoholic then you have come to the right city. Artisan Chocolate producers are opening up shop in Cambridge. They are like mushrooms popping out of the ground.

I agree chocolate is one of the great pleasures in life. In fact, dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Even a better excuse to spoil yourself with a piece of chocolate every day. I certainly do!

There are 4 shops in Cambridge where you can buy Artisan chocolates made by local chocolatiers. Although you can buy delicious chocolate elsewhere, they are not made by local chocolatiers.

gerla de boer dulcedo

Dulcedo Cambridge on Regent Street

Dulcedo Patisserie is our favourite Patissier in Cambridge and a big hit on our food walking tour. Cambridge’s one-stop-shop for Haute Patisserie specialising in all things sweet from dragees to macarons, chocolate and cookies since 2017. Now serving lunch and brunch too. Their desserts are out of this world! Head over there and get your fix. Please note that they are moving to Eddington in 2020. 

gerla de boer hill street

Hill Street Chocolate on All Saints Passage

The strapline of Hill St. Chocolate says it all!

Born in Essex. Trained in Paris. Sourced Locally. Crafted with Love. Executed with Flair. Brilliantly British. Hill St. 

The brothers Chris and Greg opened their first Chocolate shop in 2015 in Saffron Walden. Chris trained as a chef, at the Savoy, the Mayfair and moved to Paris to broaden his chocolate skills as a chocolatier and to develop as a pastry chef at l’escarbille and Ledoyen (3 Michelin starred restaurant). Greg studied industrial design and worked as an Assistant Headteacher of a large comprehensive in West London.

Their chocolates are a real piece of art and a unique experience for chocolate lovers with a taste for authenticity.  

In December 2019 they opened their second shop in Cambridge in All Saints Passage. 

gerla de boer bumble and oak

Bumble and Oak at Meadows in Newham

Riadh Falvo creates delicious chocolates under the brand Bumble and Oak, which she sells at the deli Meadows in Newham. She uses natural botanical infusions to develop her raw and roasted chocolates and confections.

Gerla de Boer Harry Specters

Harry Specters at the Grafton Centre

Mona, the founder of Harry Specters, and I go a long way back. When I started the food tours in 2012, I soon came across Mona looking for a chocolatier to run my Chocolate Masterclasses. Mona and her team have developed their product at such a rapid pace, that I barely can keep up. This social enterprise all started off with her son Ash. His dream was to open a restaurant, and it had to be called ‘Harry Specters’. Instead of the restaurant, they decided to start a chocolate business dedicated to crafting the most delicious chocolates that create employment for young people with autism. They are involved in every aspect of the business.

Harry Specters pretty soon were recognised for their excellent work and quality chocolates and have won many awards. Their chocolate operation at home soon became too small, and they moved to larger premises in Ely. I was delighted to find out that they were going to open a shop and a cafe at the Grafton Centre in 2019. Chat to Mona about their bespoke service. They can incorporate your company logo or personal touch for a wedding or celebration too.

Check out our favourite delis for delicious chocolates.

Happy eating!


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