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Mama Esme and Swartbooi in Kayamandi

Over the last few years, it has been good to see that more and more local women invite you to their homes to join them in the kitchen for an authentic cooking experience. Some of them work by themselves, but I like to work with an organisation called the Dreamcatcher Foundation, which has been around for over 27 years. Anthea Rossouw is the founder of the Dreamcatcher Foundation, and it is built for the women around the women of the communities. They receive training of 3 years and then they are ready to run their guesthouse, but they have to run a project in the community themselves too.

Cookup with Kamamma

This is heartwarming culinary and slow food, the experience can be enjoyed throughout South Africa along most of the major tourist routes. Meet the People – cook-up with a Kamamma (community matriarch). Meet the Yellow, the Wireman and experience the lifestyles of the people of the local communities. In doing so, you will also support a groundbreaking, intracultural and development programme which has received international recognition for Investment in people (both the communities and the visitors to them). 

Cookup breadoven
Cookup breadoven

This is a fun and interactive experience with the Kamamma herself. Many seasoned world travellers, who have eaten at top restaurants in the world and thus also top restaurants in South Africa, applaud this experience as the most welcoming and heartfelt of their visit. You come as a visitor but leave as a friend. Join in for this authentic taste of reality, sharing the universal equaliser of food: reach out and share your culture share your lifestyle with Kamamma and revel in listening to hers. Build bridges of understanding and hope.

Each town, culture and lifestyle is different, and it is possible to take your taste buds on a mind-blowing, diverse culinary safari. It is possible to taste the soul food of the UrbanXhosa, Rural Xhosa, Sotho, Griqua, Bushman, Khoi, Cape Malay, “Vryburger Boere kos”, Ndebele, Nama food. Each recipe and lifestyle is as diverse, vibrant, engaging, sometimes downright entertaining and quirky, but always as educational, as the other.

The delicious food after a cookup
The delicious food after a cookup

Since South Africa is home to a plethora of indigenous edible herbs and shrubs, is the fruit and vegetable bushel, the wine barrel and breadbasket of the continent, how each culture interprets their recipe and blends in the herbs and spices, is truly a journey of the culinary mind.

• Xhosa – Fresh vegetables & fruit and steam bread prepared on the stove. Chicken in various delights
• Khoi – The original Cape locals prepare their food over an open fire. Fish complimented by local herbs
• Cape Malay – Lacing their food with spices from the East and local herbs – with sweet aromas
• Sotho – Basic vegetables and beef, slow-cooked in big black pots
• Griqua – Venison or red meat variety, slow booked on black stoves or kitchen hearth
• Bushman – Indigenous teas, herbs and Xna (flat dough bread)
• Vryburger Boere kos –  A combination of settler fare from all over the world laced with local produce
• Ndebele – Maize meal staples, complemented by fresh veggies and beef
• Nama – Herbs and local roots and shrubs, slow-cooked with mutton, over open the hearth

Come and join the Kamamma for a Cookup and I can guarantee you, it is amazing! This is your chance to share her stories, food and secret recipes!


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