Italian restaurants in Cambridge

Gerla de Boer italian restaurants in cambridge

My favourite Italian restaurants in Cambridge

Italy is one of my favourite destinations. I love the culture, vibe, people and the food! When I travel through Italy, I always like to go off the beaten track. Even in Rome! Many areas have been covered over the last 25 years, but there are still quite a few to be explored. Italian restaurants and cafes I judge first on the vibe and then the food. The two go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other. Here are my favourite Italian restaurants.

Gerla de Boer Limoncello

Limoncello on Mill Road

Lovely shop with a cafe. Limoncello has a great vibe and popular with the locals in this area. They offer an excellent selection of antipasti, pasta, pizzas and home-baked pastries. A good selection of wine too.

Gerla de Boer Tradizione

Tradizioni on Mill Road and at the Sorento hotel

Almost across the road from Limoncello. Tradizioni is open for lunch and dinner, 6 days per week. They offer an excellent selection of food from antipasti to pizzas and pasta. In their second restaurant in hotel Sorento on Cherry Hinton, they have a broader offering including fresh seafood. (Open from 5 pm)

Gerla de Boer Maurizio

Maurizio Wine Bar on Mill Road

One of our favourites on our food walking tours. Maurizio and his team have created a great vibe. Excellent selection of daily specials, antipasti, pasta and homemade pizzas. Fantastic range of wines to choose from.

Gerla de Boer Al Pomodoro

Al Pomodoro in Homerton Court

The newest Italian in Cambridge. Tucked away in Homerton Court, just off Hills Road, Al Pomodoro serves authentic Italian cuisine from starters to pasta, mains, pizzas and desserts.

Gerla de Boer Signorelli

Signorelli’ deli in Burleigh street

Alex, the owner of Signorelli’s deli, is moving fast. After opening his first cafe in Burleigh Street in 2017, he has now opened a cafe in the food court of the Grand Arcade, where he serves small plates and sandwiches to match the coffee, wine and cocktails.

Gerla de Boer Aromi

Aromi Cafe – 3 locations

Another favourite on our food walking tours. Following the success of their cafe in Sicily, they opened their first Aromi cafe in Cambridge in 2013 on Benne’t street. From the first day of opening, they have been hugely successful. They soon realised they needed more space and took on another shop on Peas Hill. They now have 3 cafes in Cambridge and 1 production unit. Their Sicilian pizzas are the talk of the town. In addition to the pizzas, they served homemade gelato and fresh pasta ( only on Peas Hill). Aperitivo is served daily from 4 to 7 pm and on Saturday from 7 pm.


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