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About Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat

I entirely admit it, I am addicted to cookery books. If I don’t buy them myself, then my other half always finds an excuse to buy another book. John often surprises me with books of authors I have never heard of such as recently Samin Nosrat, the author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. I accidentally watched her programme on Netflix, so my Christmas present was delivered early. Website

My favourite cuisines

My favourite cuisines are Asian, Italian, and food from the Middle East. I like authentic food with a twist, make everything from scratch and grind my own spices. Often bought on my travels as they are fresher at the source, but you can often find in one of the shops in Mill Road, Cambridge hunting down ingredients for my next meal. 

Books I ‘can’t live without’

With so many cookery books on my shelf, which are the books I can’t live without?

Nancy Silverton – all her books of this American/Italian Chef

Katie Parla – Food of the Italian South and Tasting Rome 

Rick Stein – India 

Saliha Mahmood Amid – Khazana

Luke Nguyen – all his books  

Ottolenghi – all books apart from Sweet 

Josh Katz – The Cook Book Berber & Q ( best book for the BGE)

Vicky Bennison – Pasta Grannies

Gauthier – Vegetronic 

Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers – The River Cafe Cookbook ( collection of 4)

The Cook Book – Simon Rogan 

Maranda Engelbrecht – Babel 

Happy cooking and I hope you have ‘picked up’ a few new books!


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