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Gerla de Boer food tour

Eating my way around the world

Travelling bite by bite through the world is the best way to explain what my travels look like. In 2012 I started the Cambridge Food Tour as I wanted to share my beautiful home town and love of food with visitors to Cambridge and locals. On my travels, food is always on top of the agenda, spiced with art, culture and mingling with locals. Food brings people together and is the best ways to understand a culture.

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Why join a food tour?

The new way of travelling is taking part in experiences. On top of the list, these days are food tours. Not a surprise as everybody loves food and there is no better way to explore a city or an area with like-minded people. One of the best things about a food tour is that the guide will take you to places you might not have discovered yourself. Food tours are about independent businesses, discovering places off the beaten track, even in the city centres, topped up with a good dose of delicious food and drink.

My top 4 food tours

It is probably a bit unfair to highlight only four as all food tours I have done are great, but these ones were rather unique for different reasons.

Gerla de Boer Rome wine

Eating Rome

One of the first food tours I joined was Eating Rome, created by Kenny Dunn. Food Tours started around 2005 in the USA and came to this side of the pond sometime later. Kenny hails from America, and he started Eating Rome in 2011. He inspired me to start the Cambridge Food Tour. I finally joined Eating Rome in 2014, and it was one of the best food tours I have done. Website

Gerla de Boer Vespa tour

Vespa Food Tour in Hoi Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Have you ever been to Vietnam? If you have, you know how hectic the traffic is in the big cities. Having travelled for approximately 1.5 weeks through Vietnam by the time we arrived in Hoi Chi Minh city, it was time to meet our Vespa chauffeur. Pick up time was 6 pm, so the roads were packed. My other half wasn’t impressed and threatened to abandon me. He declared me as entirely insane to go on the back of a Vespa at one of the busiest time of the day. I managed to sweet-talk him into it, promising the most wonderful Vietnamese food. The first stop was the cafe owned by the tour company. We were given a bottle of beer and after having consumed this rather large bottle of Dutch courage, ‘our whole world’ changed. Needless to say that we had a fantastic time. Certainly, a must-do when you are in Hoi Chi Min city. Website

Gerla de Boer Terschelling

Foraging on the sea bed on Terschelling

The most unusual food tour was on one of the islands in Friesland, Terschelling. Actually, it wasn’t on the island, but on the sea bed! The water here is tidal, and you even can walk from Terschelling to the mainland of Friesland over the sea bed with a guide. It is not something which ever has appealed to me, but if you like adventures, then I certainly would recommend doing this.  Pop over to the website of Flag in the pan for mover information and their cookery courses. Website 

Gerla de Boer Famous Fat Dave

Explore NYC with Famous Fat Dave

In a nutshell; a crazy tour, including typical food from one of my favourite cities in the world, New York. Expect to go off the beaten track with Famous Fat Dave, stretch your legs on the beach and chat with locals (real characters). The best thing is that Dave is touring you around in an old New York taxi. It is so special that fellow drivers roll down their window and want to know where (the hell) he got it! You haven’t ‘tasted’ the Big Apple if you haven’t been in his back seat. Website

Other Food Tours I have done

Gerla de Boer KL food tour


Gerla de Boer Singapore food tour


Gerla de Boer Faro Mona



Gerla de Boer San sebastian Pinxtos


Check it out 

Gerla de Boer Rome tour


Gerla de Boer Vespa


( you haven’t seen Saigon if you haven’t explored the city on the back of a Vespa)

Gerla de Boer Big Foody


  • The Big Foody – What better than to explore Auckland with a Cambridge girl!
Gerla de Boer Jordan


Gerla de Boer Croatia


Delhi March

My Food Tour bucket list

Lots to look forward too! Off to Malaysia soon so I have booked myself in for some great food experiences. Watch this space!






The list will be endless. So many places still to visit so many excuses to take part in a food tour!

Gerla de Boer Dreamcatcher

Cookery classes, I have done



Gerla de Boer Souk cuisine


Gerla de Boer Kalkan



Gerla de Boer Kerala
Gerla de Boer Hoi An


Cookery classes bucket list



Happy eating and exploring!


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