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My urban retreat

My urban retreat

I have a small urban garden in the city centre of Cambridge. Many people are taken by surprise at how secluded and quiet it is. The inspiration for it’s design comes from urban Cape Town gardens. Down there it is all about the flow as they love to entertain outside.

My favourite time of the year is the spring and summertime, when our south-facing garden boasts plenty of sunshine so we can socialise around the wood-fired oven and the Big Green Egg.

I’m fortunate to have my allotment directly behind our house, which means I have super fresh produce as I can pick it as and when I need it.

It is so quiet and rural here that we tend to be woken up only by foxes, squirrels or birdsong. No traffic noises can be heard, just the cheering crowd of Cambridge United.

It is great to see that there is so much interest these days to take on an allotment. Even children want to be part of it. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are keen to be part of this growing community as plots do come available every once in a while.

Sustainable and organic are two rules that I live by in the garden. You can find lots of edible flowers in my allotment, never neatly organised in beds, but self seeded so that they can fight the weeds. The stunning colours don’t only brighten up my patch, but they are rather tasty too. The main reason for growing these flowers is to attract wildlife, bees and cross-pollination.

I also love to grow unusual vegetables and herbs. This year I have grown White Peacock Cabbage and Shisho, which is a Japanese herb and tastes like a mix of basil and mint. Great to use as a substitute for basil and excellent for pesto.