Inspired by my travels

Travel and food are always at the top of my mind. My favourites in life are partners. One doesn’t go without the other. When I eat, I record. In my mind, I deconstruct flavours so I can recreate them. My little black book is my friend, so I can remember what I have eaten.

Here I share my favourite recipes, which I love to cook at home. Often shared by locals on my travels or based on my favourite food or just fancied to be different. Enjoy!

P.S. please be patient – I will be adding a lot more recipes over the next few months.

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Gerla de Boer Broccoli soup
Gerla de Boer tapas
Gerla de Boer Daiquiri
Gerla de Boer courgette
Gerla de Boer Fritatta
Gerla de Boer Fattoush
Gerla de Boer ayurveda curry