Kitchen gadgets

How to become an even better chef

How to become an even better chef

Who doesn’t love a gadget? I certainly do, but it has to be functional. There is no point in hoarding machines which you don’t use. Instead, you could have something delicious in that spot instead!

Wondering which ones I cannot live without? My views about the kitchen machines below are my own and not sponsored.

One of the kitchen gadgets below

  1. I didn’t want
  2. I cannot live without now
  3. Is the top-chefs favourite

Head over to the reviews below and you’ll soon find out!

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gerla big green egg

My favourite kitchen gadgets

gerla de boer Thermomix
Gerla de Boer wood fired oven
Gerla de Boer big green egg
Gerla de Boer Kitchen aid
gerla de boer braun juicer
gerla de boer sage coffee machine