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Close to the River Cam, a stone’s throw away from Jesus Green, you can find one of the best restaurants in Cambridge. Restaurant Twenty-Two has been here for many years and was known as quite an unusual restaurant as it felt as if you were dining at somebody’s house.

Gerla de Boer Restaurant
One of his signature dishes

Instagram is excellent for spotting inspiring chefs

I ‘met’ Sam for the first time on Instagram, where he shares his fantastic looking plates of food and personal posts. Much to my surprise, Cambridge was often on his grid. When I discovered he was a local lad, I asked him when he would open his restaurant in Cambridge. “We need you here”, I told him. The response was even more surprising “soon”!

Gerla de Boer Restaurant
Alex and Sam

Months passed, and I couldn’t share this exciting news with anybody. Finally, in February 2018, Sam and Alex announced that they had taken over Restaurant 22. Local foodies were excited that this talented chef finally came back home.

Gerla de Boer Restaurant
One of their seasonal main course

Excellent dining at Restaurant 22

Since opening in April 2018, I have had many excellent dinners, lunches and celebrations in the private dining room here. My last time was on the 6th of March for my birthday. The next time was going to be on the 24th of April, but it didn’t happen because of the lockdown during the pandemic of 2020.

Gerla de Boer Restaurant
One of the pre-desserts
Gerla de Boer Restaurant
Dessert at Restaurant 22

Restaurant 22 is opening again

Sam and Alex have now fully reviewed the Government’s guidance and reopened on the 2nd of September 2020. Needless to say, I am very excited. We’re booked in for the 5th of September, and I am counting the days!

Gerla de Boer Restaurant
Petit fours are served with coffee and tea after dinner

Supporting local restaurants, pubs, and shops is always important, but even more now. Don’t forget to cancel if you cannot make it that night. They are all running on limited capacity and need all tables filled.


Gerla de Boer restaurant
Canapes at Restaurant 22

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