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Do you still shop at local markets? I love visiting them when I am on holiday and shop often at the Cambridge Market. There is not only an excellent offering of excellent vegetables, but you’ll find here quirky stuff, vinyl, fresh flowers, meat, fish and cheese too. Recently the offering has been expended with street food.

The introduction of Street Food

The recent development of adding delicious street food to the Cambridge Market started about 5 years ago. They were struggling to fill the stalls especially at the beginning of the week so they decided to invite good quality street food vendors. Just like as markets elsewhere in the world, they were struggling as in the past women used to do the shopping. They have now a career too so don’t have as much time to shop. Hence, markets are under pressure. This is not just the case in England though. In Rome, some of the markets had to close because of this. Only in the Far East, markets are still thriving, but then they tend to go shopping at the crack of dawn.

Opening times of the Cambridge Market

We can be very proud of a lively market, which is trading 7 days per week from 10 am to 4 pm. Some of the street food stalls have become so popular that they now have their own restaurant or pop-up at local wine bars such as Thirsty & Hungry in King Street. Website

Quirky finds at the Cambridge Market

Cambridge is fortunate to have a nice selection of lovely shops and galleries. If you are looking for interesting and quirky things, then you certainly shouldn’t rule out the Cambridge Market. There are a lot of artisan producers and local crafters, who probably would make a bespoke gift too.

All Saints Market Art and Craft market

More crafty gifts you can find on the All Saints Market on Trinity street. They are open from 10 am to 4 pm every Saturday. It is open on weekdays too, depending on the season. Website

Mill Road Winter Fair

One of my favourite markets is the Mill Road Winter Fair. Every year, on the first Saturday in December, Mill Road is transformed. The road is closed to traffic, shopkeepers and restaurant owners set up a food stall outside on the street and Cambridge residents come out en mass to celebrate the start of the festive season. There is a real vibe, not a surprise as buskers, circus performers, dancers, poets and storytellers are there to entertain and inspire the public. Website

foodPark for weekday lunches

Cambridge’s first and only collective of street food traders. Founded in June 2014 by Heidi White, the organiser of Eat Cambridge. foodPark has created a vibrant street food scene for Cambridge with its pop-up street food lunch markets and regular night market events. A few months ago, this excellent enterprise has been taken over by Rebecca Chong, the face behind Off the Beaten Truck. You kind find foodPark every week, all year round at the University of Cambridge’s West Cambridge campus, Cambridge Science Park, and the CB1 Development at Cambridge Railway Station. Website


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