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Flat out the best stand mixer

When you are not a baker, you don’t use stand mixers a lot. There is nothing to mix or whisk. So I didn’t have one. My hand mixer did the job of foaming up egg whites and cream. Only when I did a bread-making course at White Cottage Bakery I realised that it might be better to get one otherwise I had to need all the dough by hand. So I bought a simple one. To start off, this did the job but it started playing up. I needed to replace it, especially making pizzas on a regular basis for big crowds.

4.8 L Artisan Stand Mixer 5KSM 185PS

After thorough research, I decided to go for the Kitchen Aid. It is not only a reliable stand mixer, but you can buy extra parts too, such as a pasta roller and cutter, which I bought also. It is so easy to make pasta now as you don’t have to roll it out anymore by hand. It takes me far less than 5 minutes to shape the pasta. The most significant advantage for getting the 5KSM 185PS Kitchen aid is the 3 L mixing bowl. You will get a smaller one too, but since I often make pizzas for large crowds, I need a big bowl.

Check out my recipe of pizza dough.


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